Looking for vintage glasses?
We've got all your vintage styles, from 1950's cateyes to neon 80's sunglasses!

All glasses are $8 each, or two for $15
Not all colors may be in stock; please contact us for current inventory.

1950'S STYLE

1950s rhinestone cateye glasses rhinestoned cateye glasses1950s pink glasses 1950s sunglasses with rhinestones
Clear lensed rhinestoned cateyes:
available in black or pink frames
Rhinestoned cateye sunglasses:
available in black or pink frames.
Fancy cat-eyes sunglasses, with rhinestones on the front & the sides!
James Dean 1950s glasses Buddy Holly glasses Austin Powers glasses blues brother glasses
James Dean style glasses
available in black or brown
Buddy Holly-style glasses with clear lens;
also great for 1960's Austin Powers!

Got your mojo working? You need a pair of vintage style blues glasses.

1960'S STYLE
all glasses are $8, or 2 for $15

Janis Joplin glasses 1960s John Lennon glasses uk flag john lennon glasses british flag
Janis Joplin-style
oversized round glasses

John Lennon-style
available in
purple/yellow, pink/blue, smoke, or assorted solid colors.
John Lennon-style glasses with UK flag print.
1960s tie dye glasses 1960s mod glasses 1960s mod glasses
Groovy tie-dyed- look sunglasses. Mod glasses: available in green
(blue & orange are out of stock).

jackie o glasses    
Jackie glasses:

available in white.

1970'S STYLE
all glasses are $8, or 2 for $15

glitter Elton John glasses 1970s Superfly glasses colorful round glasses oversized elton john
Glitter sunglasses
available in silver or pink round glitter frames,
assorted color lenses.
Glasses were really big in the 70's!

available in black frame with red, blue or yellow lenses.
Groovy oversized glasses: available in orange, blue, red, yellow, black, pink or white.
Elvis Presley glasses 1970s aviator glasses 1970s mirrored aviator glasses
1970's Elvis Presley glasses:
available in gold, or silver frame,
assorted color lenses
Aviator style glasses: available in mirrored, smoke or colored lenses.


1980'S STYLE
all glasses are $8, or 2 for $15

1980s neon glasses 1980s glasses with cord Flip up glasses
Neon glasses with cord:
Available in neon orange.
Wear them on your face, on top of your head, or just hang them around your neck for that 80's cool look! Remember Dwayne Wayne?
We've got flip up glasses!

Sunglass lens on top, flips up to clear lens glasses.
1980s zebra glasses 1980s zebra print sunglasses blues brother glasses
Zebra print glasses:

Available in pink, blue, purple, or white.
They would look awesome with our zebra-print pants! Wayfarer style are great for 1980's Risky Business look !

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