1979 Wacky Packages stickers




1979 Wacky packages Stickers:

From the Original Series #1:   Wacky Packages stickers from 1979! These stickers are 38 years old, but look great! Do you remember how funny they are? Satirical mocks of advertising, these stickers are the forerunners of Garbage Pail Kids. Humor without real grossness.

For example: "Oh Hairy" instead of "Oh Henry": "Hippie Style, Fuzzy Chocolate for fuzzy people. Tickles Your Taste Buds" "Hostile Thinkies"instead of "Hostess Twinkies": "Brain filled cupcakes". The graphics on these are great! Order a bunch of them and you will be cracking up.

$1.50 per sticker
or 4 for $5

Assorted styles available.  You will not get the exact stickers pictured. But if you are looking for a certain one, let us know!


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