70s Disco Shirts




70s Disco Shirts:

We just got an amazing selection of 70s disco shirts! These shirts are what is know as "deadstock", which means they are vintage merchandise that have never been worn, complete with their original tags. These fantastic shirts are still in their original plastic packaging, with cardboard under the collar and lots of pins. If you come to our Asbury Park NJ store, we've taken all those pins out and hung them up so you can try them on.

These shirts are "Burma" brand, and many of them were designed by Oleg Cassini.  Most designs are available in both men's size medium and size large. However, we do have limited stock, so contact us to see what size we have for each print.

We've got eight prints in stock right now:

  1. AIRPLANES--vintage propeller planes and pink clouds
  2. RED MOON--red crescent moon & clouds on a white patterned background
  3. FRUIT--apples and pears with ladybugs and blue flowers
  4. FLORAL--green and yellow flowers on a white background. This shirt is a lacy, perforated material that is cool for summer, despite being long sleeves.
  5. SHIPS--scenes at the docks
  6. VICES--golf clubs, cigarettes and booze
  7. CLOWNS--clowns, masks, circus balls, & daisies
  8. STRIPED--This one looks very nondescript from the front, with black stripes on a grey shirt. But the back has a wonderful impressionistic picture of two women ascending a staircase.
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