80s Mens Pants




80s Mens Pants:

We recently discovered a great assortment of 80s mens pants! These awesome pleated pants are dead stock, meaning they are original, never worn merchandise, and still have their original tags!

The pants are several different brands: "San Carlo Italia Moda" or"Pronti Collection by Phita" or "Oscar" or "Montique". Most of them are made of 100% micro polyester but some are 55% polyester/45% wool. All are totally 80's! Can't you just imagine Crockett & Tubbs wearing these on Miami Vice?

Most pants are priced $25--but we have a few pairs that come with a thin belt (as pictured) and those are $30.

Here the colors and sizes we received. Contact us to make sure the one you want is in stock, because they are going to go fast!

31" waist: dark brown

33" waist/32" length: khaki green
33" waist : yellow
33" waist: dark brown
33" waist with belt: light brown (shown in photo)
33" waist with belt: gold
33" waist with belt: medium brown

34"waist/32" length: orange
34" waist/33" length: rust
34" waist: lavendar

36" waist with belt: medium brown

38" waist with belt: purple

44" waist with belt: blue with black flecks

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