Colored Halloween Contacts




Colored Halloween Contacts:

Finish off your scary outfit with these colored Halloween contacts by Primal Costume Contact Lenses.

While everyone else is wearing makeshift costumes that are supposed to resemble ghosts, you'll be walking around looking horrifying!

Available in 4 different colors:

  1. Evil Eyes (red)--as pictured on our zombie model. No, that is not red eye from the camera. Those red eyes are courtesy of her Primal lenses.
  2. Zombie (white)
  3. Possessed (black)
  4. Rave (yellow)

The lenses are 38% water and 62% polymacon, and can be worn for 3 months max. Base curve is 8.6 mm to 8.8 mm, and the diameter is 14 mm to 14.5 mm.

All lenses come with a free plastic contact lens case.


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