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Simpsons Pins:

Check out these vintage Simpsons pins from 1989! These giant Bart Simpson buttons are each six inches around (despite they way they look in the photo, they are all the same size). They have a pin in the back so you can wear it, and also have a pop-out stand so you can display it on a shelf.  Is it a wearable pin? or is it a decorative item? It's both!

Choose from three different styles:

  1. "Underachiever and proud of it, man!" featuring Bart and a slingshot on an green background
  2. "I'm Bart Simpson. Who the hell are you?" with Bart on a pink background
  3. "Bartman: Avenger of Evil" with Bart in a cape and mask on a white background

We're selling these original 80's buttons for $8, but we will sell you two for $14.

Here's a short video with some secrets that you might not know about Bart Simpson.

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