Tree of Life Shirt




Tree of Life Shirt:

Now we have a tree of life shirt in long sleeves! This is a double tree of life, with a full blooming tree on top, with a bare tree at the bottom.  White tree on black body, with grey 3/4 sleeves. This shirt is super soft, made of 65% rayon and 35% cotton. Available in size small, medium or large, the shirt with sleeves is $25.

If you are still feeling summery, we still have our tree of life tank top in stock. Black graphic of a tree with roots on a white tank top.  The upper right corner of the tree has morphed into birds that are flying off the design. This tree comes on a soft, 100% polyester tank top. The tank top is $15.  it is currently available in size large. More sizes coming in the spring!

The tree of life is a widespread archetype that is involved in many religions and philosophies.  From ancient Iran and Mesopotamia, to Baha'i, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. All feature a sacred tree or tree of knowledge.


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