Unique Birthday Cards




Unique Birthday Cards:

We love these unique birthday cards from the Found!

Each card measures 5.5 inches by 4.25 inches folded. They come with an ecru euro flap envelope. And they are green (not in color, of course)  but are locally printed on recycled paper from an FSC-certified mill with soy-based inks.

Choose from seven awesome pop culture celebrity designs:

  1. Freddie Mercury: inside reads "You are the champion of the world"
  2. Betty White: inside reads "Happy birthday"
  3. Dynasty: inside reads "You fierce bitch"
  4. Elton John: inside reads "You're still standing! Better than you ever did"
  5. Friends: inside reads "I'll be there for you. Happy birthday!"
  6. Grease: inside is blank. Use it for a birthday, or any other occasion
  7. Rock On: inside reads "Have a bangin' birthday!"
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