Vintage Beer Can Jewelry




Vintage Beer Can Jewelry:

It's time for a party with these cute mini-beer can earrings and necklaces! The vintage beer can charms are from the 1960's.  The charms are one inch tall, and you can get each one in adorable earrings or on a colorful cord to wear as a necklace.

Choose from the following brews:

  1. Coors--"America's fine light beer" on a colorful yellow can
  2. PBR(Pabst Blue Ribbon)--the retro beer is popular again! Red white and blue on a silver can
  3. Budweiser--"the King of Beers" in its classic can
  4. Schlitz--if you want to talk about retro, checkout this Schlitz commercial with the Marshall Tucket Band & 38 special in their 80's style!

Each pair of earrings is $8; necklaces are only $3 each.

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